More Information vs Action

Do I need to spend more time searching for better information or do I need to spend more time acting on the information I already have?
Is the bottleneck strategy or execution?

James Clear

This is an easy answer for me – the answer is execution.

In this age of plenty* the FOMO can be really and staggering if you let it.

It is important to review your processes and tools sometimes.
But too much planning and no action makes Matt an unproductive boy!

* There are so many books/shows/movies/songs/ideas/websites/younameit it can feel impossible to choose. If you have ever sat scrolling Netflix previews and unable to choose one, then you know what I mean. As a kid with limited TV or Radio channels watching re-runs of Goodies, Monkey or Doctor Who forever was fine with me. Now I have access to more hours of content than I could ever watch or listen to and all I want to watch is re-runs or listen to ‘old best’ of albums!

Too many options drives us back to the safe/familiar.

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