Is being clever a trap?

Quote I’m pondering : “One of the big traps we have in the West is our intelligence, because we want to know that we know. Freedom allows you to be wise, but you cannot know wisdom, you must be wisdom. When my guru wanted to put me down, he called me ‘clever.’ When he wanted to reward me, he…

Watch Out For Fear

If someone around you does something you can’t understand, look for what they are afraid of. Often what we see as malicious, or damaging is actually someone drowning in fear. They are scared to be honest, try to save face and act in a way that is hurtful and unexpected. If this happens to you…

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Manager vs Leader

These words are often thought of as the same thing – but they aren’t. Management is necessary and valuable – but it takes both sides to succeed.The Manager accepts a role to give instructions, insist and monitor.Followers / Workers agree to recognise authority and complete orders given.Managers are often appointed, using designated authority from above….