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Manager vs Leader

These words are often thought of as the same thing – but they aren’t.

Management is necessary and valuable – but it takes both sides to succeed.
The Manager accepts a role to give instructions, insist and monitor.
Followers / Workers agree to recognise authority and complete orders given.
Managers are often appointed, using designated authority from above.

Leadership isn’t Management because Leadership is voluntary.
It’s voluntary to lead and it’s voluntary to follow.
That is why it is scary.

Leadership requires both sides to work together with no ‘rule’ that says you must.
Respect and trust are integral for Leaders, but not Managers.
It’s also why leaders often aren’t only the ones in positions of delegated authority.

If you are ‘pushing’ – you are a Manager.
If people are following you when they don’t ‘have’ to – congratulations you are Leader.

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