Category: Volunteering

  • Listening well is a skill

    What does it take to be a good listener? This article made me think about that. Here are a couple of takeaway thoughts: We want people to like us. And so, there’s this urgency — let me tell you why I’m valuable … To really connect with another person, it works the other way. Instead […]

  • We Are The 5%

    Leaders are rare

  • Take your friends with you

    Take your supporters on the journey – it lets them know they matter.

  • Lead by example

    Even when no one is watching – act like everyone is watching.

  • Manager vs Leader

    These words are often thought of as the same thing – but they aren’t. Management is necessary and valuable – but it takes both sides to succeed.The Manager accepts a role to give instructions, insist and monitor.Followers / Workers agree to recognise authority and complete orders given.Managers are often appointed, using designated authority from above. […]