Author: Matt

  • Listening well is a skill

    What does it take to be a good listener? This article made me think about that. Here are a couple of takeaway thoughts: We want people to like us. And so, there’s this urgency — let me tell you why I’m valuable … To really connect with another person, it works the other way. Instead […]

  • Own your thoughts

    Thoughts are just things that we make up in our own mind Challenge your thoughts. 93% of our thougths repeat every day so be hygenic about the thoughts you let in! Shout out to Ciara & Justine for this gem

  • Peace of mind and Possibility

    In the last few decades, so many areas of culture have moved forward that defenders of the status quo are becoming exhausted trying to defend what was. And they sometimes express that exhaustion through anger, division and vitriol. The good news is that we have exactly what we need to make things better. If enough […]

  • Thinking in Colours

    The following post is from author Tim Urban. Like a lot of what Tim writes, I think it is genius. Well worth five minutes Pluralistic IgnorancePsychologists use a term called “pluralistic ignorance” to describe the phenomenon of “no one believes, but everyone thinks that everyone believes.” Here’s a way to visualize it: Imagine a group […]

  • All good marketing described in one sentence

    Social media marketing in a line. “Find the overlap between what your brand wants to say and what your audience wants to hear”— Matthew Kobach Source: 3-2-1: Coke, Arc’teryx, Copywriting Tips

  • Is being clever a trap?

    Quote I’m pondering : “One of the big traps we have in the West is our intelligence, because we want to know that we know. Freedom allows you to be wise, but you cannot know wisdom, you must be wisdom. When my guru wanted to put me down, he called me ‘clever.’ When he wanted to reward me, he […]

  • We Are The 5%

    Leaders are rare

  • Take your friends with you

    Take your supporters on the journey – it lets them know they matter.

  • Why are they acting this way?

    Sometimes it isn’t about us – people just have their own stuff going on that we don’t know about unless we take the time to understand.

  • Who is in charge of big problems like Climate Change?

    There has never been a better time for thought leaders to be able to connect. We are on the verge of de-centralising ‘the collected wisdom’. My only worry is the means of connection. Who are we trusting to prioritise the messages? Who gets heard and who doesn’t?